Personal Project


Bringing instinct back to digital photography.

The Idea

Shooot removes the distractions of smartphone photography, so you can embrace the happy accidents the camera creates for you. No viewfinder. No filter. Just shoot. And just like the Fotomat era, you’ll have to wait a day before you see your photos. Shooot is not about making the perfect shot. It’s about getting out of the way and letting the perfect shot happen. Get it on the App Store.

No Viewfinder

Shooot removes the traditional iPhone viewfinder, i.e. the ability to see the photo you’re about to take. Sounds crazy, but here’s the reasoning: The quest for the “perfect shot” often kills the vibe you want to capture in the first place. Something special happens when you trust your eye and stop overthinking the moment.

No Filters

Shooot takes a film roll approach, so you get one cohesive aesthetic across a series of 16 shots. For each shoot, you’ll be able to choose your film grade (color or black & white), photo dimension (square or 4:3), and grain (grainy or crisp). Shooot’s processing algorithms emulate classic film stocks, so your shots have the unmistakable warmth of analog photography without looking artificially “filtered.”

No Second Guessing

With Shooot, you won’t see your photos as soon as you take them. Instead, you’ll take 16 shots, and be notified the next morning when they’re ready. (It’s not unlike getting a roll of film developed.) This separation of time is the best thing about Shooot, because it recaptures photography’s sense of surprise. Maybe you’ll see things you missed at first glance, or maybe that last-minute throwaway shot captured something improbably beautiful.

Onboarding Shooot

To set expectations and encourage people to embrace mistakes, Shooot shipped with a preloaded 'roll' that walked used through the ethos of the app.