Saving time with smarter routes

The Brief

After an initial beta release of Quicktrip – Allstate's route planning app – the client wanted to make incremental improvements to the app design and add new features. As lead designer, I was part of a small team of UX designers, developers, and copywriters that used user research to develop three new features for the next release of the app.

User's wanted a more powerful search that let them find locations close to existing appointments in their calendars.
Search defaulted to the user's current location.
Search near a specific appointment...
...or a range of appointments during a part of the day.
The new Free Time feature found gaps in the users schedule and suggested nearby tasks to do in those gaps.
Tasks were located between appointments on the user's calendar.
We partnered with Yelp to bring in location data.
User's could easily add a suggested task to their calendar and get on their way.
We improved the user flow for resolving appointment conflicts in a user's calendar.
User's were presented with a familiar calendar view.
Drag and drop functionality made it easy to move appointments around.
extending to social

We also created a series of social assets for Quicktrip that playfully captured the core features of the app.

Route optimization automatically organizes your day to the best route possible.
Map view give you a preview of your day's route.
Maintenance alerts help you keep your car running like new.