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Mobil 1 Motorsports

Technology that moves champions.

The Brief

Mobil 1 wanted to stand out from the mess of sponsors that appear on Formula 1 and NASCAR vehicles. To do this, we created a campaign that went behind the scenes to prove that Mobil 1 keeps some of the most successful racing teams performing at the top of their game.

Before Everything

In print and digital ads, we told the story of the moments leading up to a race and how Mobil 1 precedes them all.

Beyond Motor Oil

In online video, we took a lighter tone, going behind the scenes with Mobil 1 NASCAR drivers Tony Stewart and Kevin Harvick.

I interviewed Tony Stewart and Kevin Harvick in their personal rides for a teaser to a live Q/A with the drivers. The video ran on Mobil 1's Facebook page.
Farewell, Tony

And, in preparation for Tony Stewart's retirement from NASCAR, we created an online series that imagined what hobbies the racing champion might take on in his spare time. More videos are coming soon.

Tony tries to learn French.
Tony explores disruptive business ideas.