Fix in Six

Simple life hacks in 6 seconds.

The Brief

The Fix in Six campaign was a huge success for Lowe's. Users loved the useful lifehacks and they fit perfectly on the (at the time) fledgling Vine platform. For this second round of Fix in Six, we were asked to push the stories and visuals to the level. We introduced a more whimsical tone, allowing each Vine to be more abstract. The result was increased interest while maintaining the original idea behind Fix in Six: simple tips you can use right now.

Frozen pipes are bad news. Turn on faucets, shut off water supply, then heat pipes with hair dryer until water flows.
Use walnuts to remove light scratches on wood. The oils will fill in the scratches!
Turn a colorful or patterned tank top into a pillowcase in 5 minutes.

We worked with expert animators, puppeteers, and fabricators to bring simple story boards to life.

Keep your rosebush strong and healthy with help from a banana peel.
Make shoveling easier! Spray nonstick cooking oil to your shovel and prevent snow from sticking.
Infinite Loop

Every video ended exactly how it started, creating a perfectly looping visual – a coveted achievement on the Vine platform that increases views exponentially. Each of our videos earned hundreds of thousands of loops.

To keep a used paintbrush fresh for up to 4 days, seal it in a bag and place in the fridge.
To remove a water stain from wood, spread real mayo on it and let sit for 4+ hours.
When building a deck, use a handy screw or 16D nail to ensure proper board spacing.